Certified Belgian Hand Therapist

You can progress to the grade of certified belgian hand therapist, this recognition is needed to demand a recognition in the European hand therapists. Submit a demand for recognition directed to the certification committee.

Following conditions apply:

  • 5 year paying member of the Belgian Hand Therapists society (see certification membership rules)
  • more than 5 year of work experience as a hand or occupational therapist
  • more than 1500 hours experience in the treatment of the upper limbs during the last 5 years*
  • attended at least 5 BHT events
  • collected at least 20 points through active participation to the hand therapy*

* exceptions on the regulations are possible, explained in the regulations document.
** the assignment of points is explained in the regulations document

Certification membership rules

For a BHT membership to be considered as a full membership year in the year of application, the certification conditions requires the membership application and payment to be received before the 1st of April. Membership applications and payments received on or after the 1st of April till the 7th of December do not meet the certification conditions to be considered as a full membership year.

Membership applications arriving on the 7th untill the 31th of december are considered as membership applications starting on the 1st of January of the next year.

Predetermined certification moments

The certification committee will handle applications at 2 predetermined moments:

  • March 1st
  • October 1st

The applications will be processed within 8 consecutive weeks provided the certification payment, please include proof of payment in the request, independent of the membership fee, is received by either March 1st or October 1st. You will be contacted within the timeframe of these 8 consecutive weeks.

Additions to and / or changes on the website will be carried out in the 4 subsequent weeks.

Find out more about the Belgian Certified hand therapists recognition form

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