About us

The Belgian Hand Therapists or B.H.T. is the scientific associety for hand therapists in Belgium.
Initially, when the association was founded on August 25th 1983 by BAUDOUX Jean-Marie,, CREVECOEUR Yvette, DETONGRE Francis, en OTTHIERS Jacques, it was called “Association pour la révalidation de la main – A.R.M.”
Six years later, 14th December 1989, the general assembly agreed on changing the name to “Belgian Hand Therapists" -  "B.H.T”. 

The BHT is a full member of the European Federation for Societies of Hand therapy' (EFSHT) and the International federation of Societies for Hand Therapy '(IFSHT)

Our members are a mixture of physical -and occupational therapists and orthotists have a additional big interest for the treatment of hand pathologies and the rehabilitation after a hand trauma. Each member is supposed to stay “up to date” on the evolutions within this specific field of rehabilitation.

In order to come up to the hand surgeons’ expectations about the specific knowledge and treatment skills needed in hand therapy the executive committee of the B.H.T. has created a three-level certification. In order to receive one of the 3 certification titles basic hand therapist, advanced or certified hand therapistspecific criteria need to be obtained

Board members

President BHT: Rozemie Zenner
Secretary: Nathalie Schelpe
International delegate: Caroline Meulyzer
Treasurer: Caroline Meulyzer
Certification committee: Nele Vervloesem, Vanessa Minne
IT Administrator: Thierry Beeckmans

Past presidents of BHT

1981 - 1993: Jacques Othiers
1994 - 1995: Eric Van den Kerckhove
1996 - 1997: Françoise Denayer
1998 - 1999: Paul Van Lede
2000-2002: Marc Taillet
2003 - 2005: Karel Verhaeghe
2006 - 2007: Katleen Meeûs
2008 - 2009: Marie Petelet
2010 - 2014: Tom Lattré
2015 - 2021: Véronique Bertrand